Connecticut Electric warns of counterfeit circuit breakers in U.S.

Connecticut Electric is warning consumers some circuit breakers sold under the company's name are counterfeit and could pose a fire hazard to consumers.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Tuesday the advisory applies to about 64,000 Square D circuit breakers sold in stores across the U.S. from February 2005 through August 2006. The breakers were priced between $6.50 US and $15.50 US.

The CPSC says the breakers may fail to operate properly. Connecticut Electric has not learned of any related incidents or injuries.

The company says the breakers marked with the following codes may be counterfeit: QO115, QO120, QO140, QO2125, QO215, QO220, QO230, QO240, QO250, QO260, QO1515, QO2020, QO3100, QO320, QO330, QO340, QO360, QOB120, QOB130, QOB220, QOB230, QOB250, QOB330 and QOB360.

Consumers should contact the company for an inspection and a replacement if necessary.

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