Hockey gear recalled for failing to meet safety standards

Consumers are being warned not to use WJD Pro goaltender helmets and Cat Eye face protectors because they fail to meet safety standards, Health Canada warns.

"The WJD Pro goaltender helmets do not provide adequate impact protection in the event of a fall to the ice, collision with another player, or impact from a puck or hockey stick," the federal agency said in an Aug. 31 release.

Consumers who continue to use the equipment could suffer serious injuries, including concussions or head trauma.

Health Canada also said Cat Eye wire cages may not protect against hockey stick blade penetration, putting wearers at risk of serious eye or facial injury.

The affected hockey equipment, manufactured by Ontario-based WJD Pro Inc., was sold in stores across the country and through online retailers for between $200 and $400 each.

The recall includes WJD Pro goaltender helmets with the serial numbers 17619 and 17620. Some helmets may be stamped with counterfeit Canadian Standards Association (CSA) labels with the serial numbers 17619.

No associated incidents or injuries have been reported to Health Canada.

Health Canada is overseeing the recall of the hockey products from stores.

Consumers with more questions can contact Health Canada at 1-866-662-0666.

Recall notice