27,000 Thomas & Friends toys added to recall in Canada

Thousands of Thomas & Friends toys that were sold in Canada have been added to an extensive recall due to high lead levels, Health Canada said Thursday.

The initial recall, announced Wednesday by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, included Thomas & Friends toys that were sold in the United States and, in Canada, toy swords, gardening sets and puppet theatres made by other companies.

On Thursday, Health Canada confirmed that 27,000 Thomas & Friends toys had been sold in Canada.

The recall affects the following toys:

  • All Black Cargo Car included in the Brendam Fishing Dock Set, marked with either no tracking code or one of 26833i; 28233i; 23243i00; 24643i00; 25343i00; 27443i00; 32043i00; 34743i00; 01553i00; 04553i00; 13353i00; 14753i00; 15453i00; 18353i00.
  • Toad vehicle with brake lever, tracking code 16560W000.
  • Olive Green Sodor Cargo Box included in the Deluxe Cranky the Crane.
  • All Green Maple Tree Top included in the Conductor's Figure 8 Set.
  • Green Signal Base included in the Conductor's Figure 8 Set.

The toys were sold in Canada from March 2003 to September 2007.

Consumers should take the affected toys away from children and contact the company for a replacement.

High amounts of lead can harm the nervous system, kidneys and other major organs. Anemia, a decline in red blood cells, can occur, as well as damage to the nervous system that may impair mental function. At worst, lead poisoning can cause seizures or death.

All of the toys were made in China, which has faced recalls in recent months.