Goaltender helmets flagged by safety standards group

Owners of WJD Pro goaltender helmets are being advised to stop using them immediately because they do not meet international safety certification standards.

CSA International issued a consumer product alert on Monday for WJD Pro goaltender helmets manufactured and distributed by Jaguar Sports of Caledonia, Ont., and WJD Pro Inc.

The affected helmets bear counterfeit reproductions of a registered trademark belonging to CSA International or they are manufactured with unauthorized construction changes.

While no injuries have been reported, CSA International officials said the helmets do not meet standards for impact protection.

They warn the use of these goaltender helmets could result in serious injury such as concussion and may not protect a wearer from a fall to the ice, collision with another player or impact from a puck or hockey stick.

As well, those goaltender helmets with a cat's-eye configuration wire cage do not meet penetration test requirements and may result in serious eye injury or blindness.

The alert affects goaltender helmets with a CSA certified hockey helmet label with serial numbers 17619 or 17620.

The helmets were sold mostly in specialty sporting goods stores across Canada for about $200 to $350.

The goaltender helmets were produced by Jaguar Sports, 9570 Haldibrook Rd., Caledonia, Ont., N3W 2G9, (905-481-2994) or WJD Pro Inc., most recently located at 1257 Treeland Street, Burlington, Ont., L7R 3T5, (905-407-9532).

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