Unauthorized herbal supplements could cause serious side effects

Health Canada is warning consumers that certain unauthorized herbal supplements used to treat erectile dysfunction could trigger serious health problems.

The products involved in the alert are: Power 58, Platinum Power 58, Ehanix, Jolex, Onyo and Deguozonghengtianxia.

The federal agency warns the herbal supplements may contain acetildenafil, a medication that should only be used under a doctor's supervision. Acetildenafil may pose serious health dangers, particularly for people with heart problems or who may be at risk for strokes.

Health Canada has not authorized the products for sale. The federal agency notes travellers may have brought the pills into the country or consumers may have purchased them online.

No adverse reactions have been reported in Canada.

Consumers should stop using the product and are advised to consult a doctor with any related concerns.

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