M&A Global Technologies pulls gel candles

M&A Global Technologies is recalling about 1,700 gel candles whose flames can reach excessive and dangerous heights, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday.

The Florida-based company has learned of seven incidents where high flames triggered minor fires, causing smoke and soot damage. Four burn injuries have also been reported.

The recall involves the following Everlasting Jelly candles:
· Champagne Glass with Heart, model #502.
· Large Oval Bowl with Sand & Shells, model #109-XL.
· Tumbler with Sand & Shells, model #101-S.
· Round Shape with Curly Top and Red Roses, model #506.
· Round Shape with Penguins, model #604.
· Tumbler with Blue Roses & Leaves, model #805-11.
· Round Shape with Two Butterflies, model #806-8.

The candles were sold at various retailers and online at spaathome.com from October 2003 through December 2003 and October 2005 through December 2005 for between $9 and $50 US.

Consumers should call the company at (866) 224-8811 for more information.

Recall notice