Ikea recalls vase with faulty base

kea is recalling its Parodi-style glass vases after it received reports that the bases of some vases broke off for no apparent reason while they were being lifted.

The retailer has received seven complaints worldwide of customers who suffered cuts when the vases broke. Five of those cases needed hospital care.

Ikea says some of the vases may be more prone to breakage, if they have high internal stresses and have been even slightly damaged.

The vase stands 70 centimetres high and weighs about five kilograms. The diameter of the base is 15 cm. The vase comes in black, white and clear glass.

The IKEA logo, the article number and the supplier number are printed on a white sticker on the bottom of each vase.

They can be returned to an Ikea store for a full refund.

Recall notice