Flashing pacifiers recalled from marketplace

About 237,000 flashing pacifiers are being recalled because they pose a choking, aspiration and strangulation hazard, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced.

The pacifiers, imported and sold by several different companies, failed to meet U.S. federal safety standards. The nipple can separate from the shield and necklaces around some of the pacifiers can pose a strangulation danger. Beads on the necklaces can also be pulled loose, creating an aspiration danger.

The products were marketed to older children but the CPSC warns that they could be given to infants, putting them at risk.

No associated incidents or injuries have been reported.

Included in the recall are the Flashing Joke Novelty pacifier, the "Hot" Flashing pacifier, the 2 in 1 Flashing pacifier with whistle, the pacifier necklace, the Flashing pacifier "I am baby, I need to be loved," and the Practical Joke "Hot" Flashing Pacifier.

The products were sold at novelty shops, toy stores, carnivals, amusement parks and online retailers from January 2003 through September 2006.

Consumers should take the pacifiers away from young children and return them for a refund.

Recall notice