Sharp joins Sony laptop battery recall

Japanese electronics maker Sharp said Friday it would join the massive global recall of notebook batteries made by Sony.

Almost every major laptop maker has now told customers to return Sony-made lithium-ion batteries, which can overheat and catch fire.

Sharp said its recall involves 28,000 Sony-made battery packs for seven laptop models, plus add-on batteries that were sold separately. All of the batteries in its recall were sold in the Japanese market, according to company spokesman Hiroshi Takenami.

Fujitsu, another laptop maker, on Friday added to its own recall of batteries made by Sony. On Oct. 4, Fujitsu announced it was recalling more than 280,000 laptop batteries worldwide made by Sony.

The company's website did not say how many batteries were to be added to the recall and Fujitsu officials were not immediately available for comment, but Kyodo News agency reports said it will involve 51,000 units. The report said a total of 11 models, including nine which were sold internationally, were to be recalled.