Counterfeit blood glucose test strips found on U.S. market

U.S. consumers are being warned that counterfeit blood glucose test strips used by people with diabetes have slipped into the marketplace.

Use of the counterfeit strips with certain models of LifeScan, Inc. One touch Brand Blood Glucose Monitors might give inaccurate blood glucose readings, which could cause a patient to take either too much or too little insulin. No injuries have been reported to the FDA.

The counterfeit strips are:
· One Touch Basic/Profile (lot #272894A, 2619932 or 2606340) test strips.
· One Touch Ultra (lot #2691191) test strips.

Quebec-based Medical Plastic Devices and Champion Sales in New York distributed the counterfeit strips to pharmacies and stores across the United States.

Diabetics who have purchased the counterfeit test strips should stop using them, replace them, and contact their health practitioner and the company at 1-866-621-4855.

The FDA does not know how many of the phoney test strips were sold.

Health Canada reports that the counterfeit Lifescan One Touch Test Strips (Basic and Ultra) have not been distributed in Canada.

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