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Are you man enough for this sandwich?

"Big bun, puny chicken." What are these guys really talking about?

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Label lingo - what's in it?

For the consumer curious about modified milk ingredients, puzzled about food colouring, and concerned about hydrogenated palm oils, we've put together a new feature that examines the lists of ingredients for different products.

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European drought good news for farmers

The sad truth of the global food market is that in order for farmers in one place to have a really good year, farmers somewhere else have to be having a bad one.

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A farmer's market by any other name

While both farmer's markets and grocery stores are in the business of selling food, the atmosphere and purpose are infinitely different.

But Loblaw Cos. Ltd. is hoping to meld the convenience of the grocery store with the charm of the market.

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World's 100 best restaurants

In an unassuming heritage house in Calgary, the young staff of Rouge restaurant are celebrating one of the food world's biggest honours.

Rouge placed 60th on S. Pellegrino World's 100 Best Restaurants list -- announced on Monday in London -- and is one of only two Canadian eateries to crack the roster.
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Refreshing Ferran Adria's culinary creativity

Citing a need to recharge and reinvent, world renowned chef Ferran Adria announced this week his plan to temporarily close his famed el Bulli restaurant in 2012.

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Hold the salt

First it was a ban on trans fats. Then it was calorie counts on menus. Now, the ever-feisty New York City is taking on the latest nutritional evil: salt.

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Gourmet food on campus

By Andree Lau, CBCNews.ca

Gourmet goods, fresh baked pastries, and beautiful cuts of meat — all produced by students — are now for sale at a new food store on the campus of Calgary's SAIT Polytechnic.

The Market Place, which opened on Tuesday, is designed to be both a retail store and a classroom for the institute's students in the baking and pastry arts, professional cooking and meat operations and management programs.

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Eating local takes a hit

By Kevin Yarr, CBCNews.ca

As much as people in the Maritimes might like to eat local, it's getting difficult and is only going to get harder.

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Double happiness without shark fin

By Andree Lau, CBCNews.ca

One of our closet doors is covered with Post-it notes, a daily reminder there's less than a month left until our wedding and many more tasks left to complete before that walk down the aisle.

However, one of the items that got crossed off first was the matter of food.

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