Food Bytes says goodbye

waving-bye-5323283-220.jpgAbout three years ago, I walked into then CBCNews.ca executive producer Mary Sheppard's office with an idea. With so many CBC foodies bursting with chatter about tasty fads and scrumptious meals, I thought it just made sense to share our love of food through a blog.

We figured there were already enough food blogs touting the latest restaurants and kitchen gadgets. Ours would focus on personal stories and commentary.

It was agreed the entries would be written in addition to our regular workloads, so we decided to enlist several contributors to carry the blog.

Though we all loved writing about food, the daily demands of online news sometimes took up all of our time. 

Ultimately, the demands of online news have continued to grow and we recently learned that Food Bytes would not be part of the redesigned CBCNews.ca.

We -- Andree Lau, Andrea Chiu, Jessica Wong, Tara Kimura, Elizabeth Bridge, Kevin Yarr and I -- are, of course, sad to see the blog come to an end.

We've had a lot of fun tracking trends and finding interesting items to share with you. Thank you for following us through the years. We've been honoured to have you along for our journey.