Going deep in Chicago

deep-dish-pizza.jpgNo, I’m not talking the Chicago Cubs, I’m talking Pizzaria Uno, creator of the original deep dish pizza.

I have eaten what was claimed to be deep dish pizza before, but it was nothing like what I ate at Pizzaria Uno in Chicago last week. Those pizzas skirted the edge of the idea, making minor adjustments to provide a little concavity to the traditional pizza. By contrast, Uno takes apart the pizza and reconstructs it again in a way that brings new meaning to the term pizza pie.

The big difference with the Uno pizza is in the crust. It is much more like a pie crust, not a yeast bread, but more like a thin biscuit. The result is much deeper than you could get with yeast.

So the idea is cool, and Uno completes the deal with a beautifully fresh tomato sauce. We split our pizza with spinach on one side and sausage pepperoni, onions, peppers and mushrooms on the other. It is the tomato sauce that stick in my memory.

Deep dish pizzas take an hour to make, so don’t try it as a lunch special. The evening we were there the wait for a table was close to an hour, but we were allowed to put in our order right away. So after an hour of standing, then sitting, at the bar, we were led to our table and the pizza arrived a few minutes later.

Uno isn’t just about the pizza. It’s an experience. The low ceiling, the heavy, old wood furnishings, the packed-in space.

There was a lot of going deep at the Cubs game that day too, by the way - eight home runs - but that’s for a different blog.