Olympics even a foodie could love



The Vancouver Olympics start on Feb. 12. (Chuck Stoody/Canadian Press)

Olympic medal ceremonies may tug at my tear ducts, but it never occurred to me to consider forking over a pretty penny to see the Vancouver Games in person.

Not until I read the New York Times' saliva-inducing spread on Vancouver's culinary landscape, that is.

In it, NYT food critic Sam Sifton declares Vancouver "among the best eating towns in the history of the Winter Games." Part of this simply boils down to size, with the city being one of the largest metropolitan areas to host the Winter Games, but he also attributed it to Vancouver's diversity and the bounty of the region.

The venerable paper also photographs each eatery in drool-worthy detail.

I've been to Vancouver once before, but the gastronomic portion of my short visit now seems somewhat unsatisfying.

One thing I know for sure: I think I'll wait until the city returns to calm before I visit and then perhaps conduct my own test of athletic strength: freestyle restaurant jumping.

Did Sifton do Vancouver's culinary scene justice? What must-eats did he miss?