February 2010 Archives

Oscar mashup

Planning the menu for an Oscar party? You might consider seeking a little inspiration from photographer David Gartner's Flickr stream in which he's cast some of the nominated films in a culinary spotlight.

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When sweets go south

A little failure once in awhile can be a good thing, especially in baking. This is my latest mantra, after a recent batch of Turkish Delight - also known as Lokum - provided a well-deserved grounding for my ego.
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Fear of Bread

It has been years since I made my first loaf of bread, and it has been an occasional activity since, but never one I was completely comfortable with.

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Olympics even a foodie could love

Olympic medal ceremonies may tug at my tear ducts, but it never occurred to me to consider forking over a pretty penny to see the Vancouver Games in person.

Not until I read the New York Times' saliva-inducing spread on Vancouver's culinary landscape, that is.

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