December 2009 Archives

Holiday round-up

By Jessica Wong, CBC News.ca

It's a busy time of year for foodies, whether you're slaving away at yet another batch of cookies for your family or preparing to tuck into a delicious holiday feast. Still, we've assembled a few holiday-themed links for you to snack on if you've got some spare time over the next few days.

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Food smackdown: Latke vs. Hamantash

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

I thought I knew a thing or two about latkes but I will admit now, my depth of understanding was shallow. My unearned confidence was based primarily on a few sublime experiences, mostly in New York diners. I prided myself on being something of a latke connoisseur – able to size up a restaurant in advance, determining whether the latke produced would be rubbery or crisp, savoury or uninspired. The most contentious latke consideration, I thought mistakenly, revolved around the sour cream versus applesauce side options.

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Taking in the heat of celeb kitchens

By Jessica Wong, CBCNews.ca

In today's celebrity-obsessed world, it's not surprising that top tier chefs have become TV stars. You take incredibly passionate, highly skilled and sometimes-explosive personalities, mix in the requisite unpredictable, heated situations, incorporate a quirky crew of side-characters and, voilà, you've got must-see TV.

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