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Melon heads

By Andree Lau, CBCNews.ca

Grey Cup fever has gripped Calgary, as has a run on watermelons, as the championship game approaches on Sunday afternoon.

Fervent Saskatchewan Roughriders fans have been snapping them up — to turn them into helmets as a show of support for their team.

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Labneh and generosity in the Middle East

Though travel can focus on many things - history, natural wonders, relaxation - my trips inevitably are dominated by food. And happily so.

On a recent trip to Lebanon and Jordan, I did my usual culinary-style touring around the two countries - taking a cooking class, wandering in souks, browsing through grocery stores and gorging on local specialties.

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Experiments with slow cooking

By Elizabeth Bridge, CBC Digital Archives

A couple of weeks ago, my husband came home with a second-hand score: an enormous slow cooker. There was no manual, but with just two settings – High and Low – and an Up/Down button to control the cooking time, how hard could it be?

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Chinese restaurant awards

By Andree Lau, CBCNews.ca

I was a very spoiled teen growing up in Vancouver, especially the few years preceding 1997.

That's the period when uncertainty over the British handing sovereignty back to China prompted many Chinese people to immigrate to Vancouver.

Among the city's biggest gains were the professional chefs who combined their culinary skills with fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean to present ridiculously lip-smacking dishes.

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Chocolate in the schools

by Kevin Yarr, CBCNews.ca

A surprising controversy erupted last week when it was suggested that Prince Edward Island should subsidize the price of chocolate milk in its schools.

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Food Friday roundup

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

We've posted a new Cookbook Club feature in our consumer section. In this installment, Shaun Smith interviews the winners of the Canadian Culinary Book Awards. Also included are recipes for Acadian meat pies, almond brie croutons on apple-dressed spinach, and Dai carrot salad.

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