Fighting world hunger

By Andree Lau, CBCnews.ca

With recent news that the number of hungry people in the world could soon hit a record one billion, a couple of campaigns here in Canada to help combat hunger caught my eye.

Oxfam Canada marks World Food Day on Friday with its hungry4change campaign.

Restaurants in Yellowknife and the Toronto area will include pamphlets and donation envelopes along with diners' bills to raise awareness about world hunger, and to allow people to donate directly to the charity's projects.

Some of the them include training and support for small-scale farmers in Cuba and Mozambique where climate change has shortened their growing seasons, said Robert Fox, executive director of Oxfam Canada.

Last year, Fuego International Cuisine in Yellowknife raised $1,000, which included tips donated by the servers, and 10 per cent of the night's sales donated by the restaurant's owner.

"People were very appreciative of what we were doing, and they gave very generous tips, some over 50 per cent of their bill," said Vanessa Baron from Fuego.

Saskatoon chef Rémi Cousyn of Souleio Foods took this photo around the theme of 'food for thought.' (Courtesy Rémi Cousyn/Canon)

This month, Canon unveiled a neat photo exercise involving 13 Canadian chefs including Michael Smith, Anthony Sedlak and Susur Lee.

The company gave the chefs digital cameras and six months to snap shots that captured the theme of "food for thought."

On behalf of the chefs, Canon donated $25,000 to Food Banks Canada.