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A pasta by any other name

By Jessica Wong, CBCNews.ca

Faced with some antipasto remains after a dinner this week, my partner suggested we make one of his favourite pasta dishes the next day: spaghetti alla puttanesca. "What does it mean, anyway?" he asked.

I gladly launched into one of the myriad tales purported to tell the back-story of this simple, but flavourful pasta dish apparently devised out of bits and bobs in an Italian kitchen for those busy ladies of the night.

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A friendship is started

By Elizabeth Bridge, CBC Digital Archives

Baking is something I've always done for one of two reasons: because I need to (I've agreed to bring cheesecake to a potluck, or I must be sure exactly what's in my morning muffin) or because I want to (I came across an appealing bread recipe, or I just felt like making cookies).

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Rethinking school lunches

By Kevin Yarr, CBCNews.ca

In a move towards teaching healthy eating habits, deep fryers are coming out of schools on P.E.I., but surely we could go a step further than this.

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Chicken feet & culinary curiosity

By Andrea Chiu, CBC Radio Digital

When my parents first moved from Hong Kong to Canada in the late 1970s there were only a few restaurants and cafes offering Chinese food. Still, I grew up with a childhood rich with congee, dim sum and windows of hanging roasted animals -- faces and all.

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Fighting world hunger

By Andree Lau, CBCNews.ca

With recent news that the number of hungry people in the world could soon hit a record one billion, a couple of campaigns here in Canada to help combat hunger caught my eye.

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Getting creative with leftovers

By Jessica Wong, CBCNews.ca

After a busy weekend of Thanksgiving dinners, refrigerators across Canada are probably looking similar right now: filled with bits and pieces of turkey, a handful of crudités, a jar of gravy and perhaps a casserole, a small vat of mashed potatoes or some veggie dish.

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Food Friday roundup

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

For those who may have missed it, earlier this week we posted Shaun Smith's Cookbook Club on harvest-inspired recipes. Smith looks at recipes from food columnist Mark Bittman and chefs Jeff Crump and Jean-Pierre Challet.

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