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Gourmet food on campus

By Andree Lau, CBCNews.ca

Gourmet goods, fresh baked pastries, and beautiful cuts of meat — all produced by students — are now for sale at a new food store on the campus of Calgary's SAIT Polytechnic.

The Market Place, which opened on Tuesday, is designed to be both a retail store and a classroom for the institute's students in the baking and pastry arts, professional cooking and meat operations and management programs.

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Hungry for fall flavours

By Jessica Wong, CBCNews.ca

With a pitiful, rainy Toronto summer now officially done, I'm really looking forward to my favourite season of the year: autumn. I love the combo of cool mornings and warm afternoons, chic blazers and sleek jackets over slacks and especially the rich, fall foods that come along with the season.

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Rather tasteless

by Kevin Yarr, CBCNews.ca

The growing season in Canada is short, and the harvest season even shorter. There are some things you can only get during the harvest, and it's a big disappointment when they don't meet expectations.

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Cheesy synchronicity

By Elizabeth Bridge, CBC Digital Archives

I had a "plate o' shrimp" moment recently. (For the uninitiated, this is a reference from the 1984 movie Repo Man.)

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