I dream of ice cream

A tempting bowl of lemon meringue ice cream. (Larry Crowe/Associated Press)

It may be the middle of August, but here in Toronto we're only now getting a taste of summer temperatures. The thunderstorm-heavy weather has (finally) given way to a welcome cloudless heat. And with it, I can't stop thinking of that quintessential summer staple: ice cream.

Though I dream of making it myself, I have not. Utensils for pickling, alas, took space priority in my cramped kitchen.

But I can still dream. And I do. Almost without fail, every time I meet up with my friend Andrea we excitedly talk about possible ice cream concoctions.

Here are a few drool-worthy recipes that seriously tempt me to reconsider my priorities:

Have you made ice cream? What's your favourite homemade ice cream flavour? Have you come up with your own concoctions?