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Q&A: Chef Michael Smith

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

We chatted with Chef Michael Smith, host of Chef Abroad and Chef at Home, on Friday and covered a range of issues including the local food movement, P.E.I.'s Fall Flavours festival, and how to stock your pantry. We also asked Smith a few of your questions (thanks readers for submitting excellent questions!). Here is an edited transcript of our conversation.

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Your Interview: Chef Michael Smith

Hello Food Bytes readers,

Tomorrow (Friday) we'll have a chance to do a quick interview with Chef Michael Smith, host of Chef Abroad and Chef at Home.

Smtih will talk to us about a few P.E.I.-inspired summer meal ideas and has also agreed to take a few questions from our readers. Post your questions in the comments section below and we'll ask a few of the best ones.

When posting your question:

* A short question is better than a long one.
* One question is better than many.
* If a question needs some context, keep it brief.
* Questions may be edited for length and clarity.

Edited to add - We are no longer accepting questions for Chef Michael Smith - Check back soon for a few recpies he's shared with us and the answers to some of your questions

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The spice merchant

by Kevin Yarr, CBCNews.ca

Fresh, fresh, fresh is the mantra for many chefs, and this is as true for spices as for anything else, so I was pretty excited when I saw the new spice merchant at the Charlottetown Farmers Market.

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Unconventional barbecue

By Andree Lau, CBCNews.ca

Who doesn't love a summer barbecue? And yes, dads especially. So why not surprise them on their day this year with something a little more adventurous than a hamburger on the grill?

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Groceries, eco-Atkins and an appreciation of the inventor of the salad bar

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

A Statistics Canada study this week found that the energy needed to bring food from the farm to the fork — including factors such as processing, manufacturing, and retailing — resulted in the production of 46,000 kilotonnes of greenhouse gases in 2003.

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Tastes of home

By Elizabeth Bridge, CBC Digital Archives

How far would you go to recapture a taste of home? A Winnipeg outfit called Nostalgia Foods will source, process and package virtually any taste from the 'Peg and ship it to homesick exiles.

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Lobster profiteering?

by Kevin Yarr, CBCNews.ca

All year I've been writing about the crash in lobster prices, and all year people have been commenting on my stories that retailers are taking advantage of low prices on the wharf to rack up big profits.

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Cleaning pantry

By Jessica Wong, CBCNews.ca

Moving into a new home just before Christmas and deciding to take up the motto "live more on less" for 2009, I've vowed to put myself through an ongoing pantry challenge in an attempt to clear out the many jars, cans, boxes and packages of foodstuff I've been squirreling away.

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