The return of the moveable feast

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

Britons are stocking up on scotch eggs and sausage rolls to stuff into their picnic baskets this year, according to a recent survey, reported by The Guardian.

According to the report, consumers in the U.K. are expected to spend a whopping £250 million ($435.9 million Cdn) on picnic items this year. Analysts attribute the rise of the humble picnic to an anticipated hot summer and the flat economy – which will likely force more people to take small day trips over far-flung, weeklong holidays.

With a comparable Canadian outlook, are Canadians planning on packing up meals and heading outdoors too? Are you planning on hosting a family or community picnic this year?

Taking a look back, the Canadian picnic has been a long-celebrated summer tradition that has been carefully documented. For example, this virtual exhibit, includes a photograph of an extravagant summer picnic taken circa 1900. The photo, taken before the guests have arrived, features huge cakes sitting on long tables under a generous arbour in Prince Edward Island.

In the photograph below taken in the early 1900s, three ladies take shelter from the sun under parasols while enjoying a picnic in Harbour Grace, Nfld.

(Reuben T. Parsons/Library and Archives Canada)

And, in the 1960 photograph below, two happy couples sit on a classic, red-checkered picnic blanket and share sandwiches and bottles of coke released by the National Film Board and the Canadian Travel Bureau.

(National Film Board/Canadian Government Travel Bureau/Library and Archives Canada)

Tell us about your favourite picnicking events (church, family, country) in the comments section below. Also, tell us about your favourite places to have a picnic and if we have enough submissions, we'll plot them on a cross-country map. Email your pictures and include information about where the photo was taken to yourphotos@cbc.ca. Please write "FOOD BYTES - Picnic tips" in the subject line.