An alternative Mother's Day gift

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

Looking for a unique Mother's Day gift? The United Nations' World Food Programme has launched its Wall Against Hunger website through which donors can make a pledge in honour of their mom or loved one.

Donations are used to feed school children in developing nations. The UN notes the great majority of the WFP's recipients are women and children. Of the 580 million people deemed chronically hungry, 60 per cent are women, according to the UN.

Over the past year, the WFP has called for more aid, saying it is struggling to meet the rising needs of people in developing and war-ravaged countries. For example in February, WFP workers warned of an imminent crisis as they were blocked from delivering food to 250,000 civilians caught in Sri Lanka's war zone.

Rising food prices and drought in Kenya prompted the WFP in January to warn of the possibility of mass starvation. The UN also said it was shrinking rations in Zimbabwe, as the number of WFP recipients in the area surged from two million people in October to four million in November.

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