Twitter me hungry

by Amber Hildebrandt, CBCNews.ca

Ask my friends about Twitter and they will no doubt roll their eyes and point to me, the sudden convert who won’t stop evangelizing about the micro-blogging platform. The truth is I’m no tech nerd but I know a foodie opportunity when I see one.

Where once I relied solely on my lengthy list of bookmarked food blogs, I now tend to visit one page, Twitter, where I can keep tabs on my friends, famous chefs and my favourite food blogs. I liken it to my own personalized RSS feed.

It can be overwhelming at first, this world where a thought must fit 140 characters and so-called Tweets, or updates, have adopted their own shorthand. But once I got past the lingo, I became an almost instant addict.

Unlike Facebook, where you can post status updates, photographs and almost any and every little detail about your life, the restraints of Twitter, where you can only post updates and links, are somewhat refreshing. More than a blog or Facebook, it acts like a conversation within an online community.

And I'm always learning something. Things I learned in the past few hours:

Really, how could you not love Twitter?