Fashion with some meat on it

by Amber Hildebrandt, CBCNews.ca

What does food have in common with fashion? I wish I could say nothing. But in my online foraging, I came across a fashion show more … fleshy than normal.

The Raw Flesh photo series, shot by art photographer Clayton Cubitt, features models wearing meat and bone as accessories. A fashion faux pas if I ever saw one.

Though the pictures were taken for a 2008 cover feature in Zink magazine, they've recently been making the blog rounds after Eat Me Daily wrote about them this week. And with Toronto Fashion Week coming to a close, it seemed appropriate.

I find the pictures somewhat unsettling, particularly the bones lining the collar bone of a model in a corset and another woman with her stomach covered in a thick, marbled layer of meat. But it's also quite striking.

Your thoughts?