The BeaverTail goes to Washington

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

At a tailgate party next week celebrating the U.S. Presidential inauguration, American guests at the Canadian Embassy will nosh on the crispy, sweet, deep-fried goodness that is the BeaverTail.

BeaverTails' founder Grant Hooker said Canadian officials asked him to consider bringing his treats — which were first served up in 1980 at Ottawa's ByWard Market — to the U.S. capital.

"They said, 'One of the best places to watch the inaugural parade is in our front yard," Hooker told the Canadian Press. "We're thinking of inviting 1,000 guests — probably three-quarters of them important Americans — to come and watch the parade with us. Have a tailgate party. We wanted to bring a Canadian food there, would you consider bringing BeaverTails?' And I said mais oui, mais oui, mais oui."

Hooker will fashion his ObamaTails with the traditional oval-shaped, whole-wheat pastry, topped with maple syrup and a chocolate O.

The BeaverTail seems to me an apt treat to enjoy on what will likely be a cold, January day. I have long heard friends from Ottawa discuss their affection for BeaverTails — typically devoured after a long and lovely skating excursion on the Rideau Canal.

If you were planning the party, which Canadian food would you choose to showcase? Poutine? Ice wine? Butter tarts? Tell us what you would put on the menu.