Best of the blogs

For the holidays, the bloggers at Food Bytes have compiled a list of the blogs we frequent. Here are the foodie websites that top our bookmarked lists:

Tigers & Strawberries

This blog is written by Barbara Fisher, a chef, mother and extraordinary food writer in Ohio. Even though she has insightful columns about the restaurant and food industry, it's her expertise in Chinese cooking that brings me back. My grandfather is a retired Chinese cook but most of his and my mother's lessons to me are of the "throw this in the wok, then add some of this" variety.

Having absorbed the knowledge of the Chinese cooks in a West Virginia restaurant worked at, followed by years of research and passion, Fisher is precise in the step-by-step recipes and photos she shares. (Andree Lau)

Foodie Suz

Like most harried working mothers, Edmonton's Sue Robins struggles with putting a square meal on the table while juggling work, chores, and soccer games. Anyone who's ever wondered what to have for dinner at home will enjoy the recipes, food tips and refreshingly honest snapshots of daily life in Foodie Suz. (Andree Lau)

Just Hungry

Justhungry.com is a fun, energetic blog penned by Maki, a Tokyo-born food-lover who has lived around Japan, in the U.K., U.S. and is now based in Switzerland. I love her curiosity and enthusiasm about a wide range of cuisines as well as her blog's dedication to Japanese home cooking and the food-related nostalgia felt by expatriates. (Jessica Wong)

Chubby Hubby

It's great when you find a food blog created by a talented wordsmith, but it's even better when spectacular, mouth-watering photos accompany each posting. With Chubbyhubby.net, created by Singapore-based Aun, you get an enthusiastic eater (conveniently married to a food writer and consultant) and a fantastic photographer. (Jessica Wong)

Everybody likes sandwiches

Though this blog's name honours all that is good about sandwiches -- it does in fact celebrate every corner of the pantry. Vancouver-based Jeanette Ordas has created an inspiring food catalogue from satays and dips to mains and muffins. Ordas skillfully documents her processes, adeptly spooning out tips and mixing in personal anecdotes. And from Ordas' unique perspective, she makes each entry intimately personal, detailing who inspired the dish or how she the meal was consumed. In describing a perfectly baked ginger cake she recalls, "When the last piece was eaten, I cried a little inside." Who among us has not felt such pain? Anybody who likes a good, beautifully presented read will love "everybody likes sandwiches." (Tara Kimura)

CNET - Appliances and kitchen gadgets

If time was never an issue, I could happily spend an entire day walking the aisles of kitchen supply stores, picking up and scrutinizing gadgets. But the next best thing may be CNET's kitchen appliance blog which showcases newfangled wonders such as rotating pizza ovens, coffee roaster kits for the barbecue and digital recipe readers. The blog is a whirlwind of ideas and inventions — a science fair for foodies. (Tara Kimura)

Smitten Kitchen

Deb, a freelance writer and photographer, writes this blog depicting her adventures in her tiny New York City kitchen with mouth-watering photographs interspersed with well-written stories. Just scrolling through her picture-rich entries makes me hungry. (Amber Hildebrandt)


Shuna Lydon’s blog is part poetry, part pastry recipes and always entertaining. The pastry chef gives readers her expert recipes and insight into the inner workings of professional kitchens. (Amber Hildebrandt)