Mega coffee, ASAP!

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

In the new movie Role Models, the frustrated character Danny delivers a sharp rant against the rebranding of small, medium and large at Starbucks.

Danny – as portrayed by Paul Rudd – orders a large black coffee. When the server tells him a venti is large, he replies: "No venti is 20." He proceeds to bicker with the barista and his girlfriend, charging that only Fellini would order his coffee using Starbucks' terminology.

In an interview at the New Yorker festival last month, Rudd discussed his disdain for the trendy new monikers. Rudd explained that for him, the new cup sizes are on par with the phrases "been there done that," "ASAP" and "24-7."

"What is wrong with small, medium and large?" he asked. "Nothing. [The new labels] just make the world a worse place."

He also noted the demise of small, medium and large has not been limited to the U.S. One coffee shop in England uses Mega for its large designation, he said.

"There are such inconsistencies with language. I'll take a mega coffee?" he said.

What are your food packaging pet peeves?