Girl Guides of Canada roll out trans-fat free cookies

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

The Girl Guides of Canada have announced they're trimming trans fats from their chocolate and vanilla cookies – two years after the U.S. Girl Scouts eliminated use of the artery-clogging oils in their sweets.

The Girl Guides said Monday the cookies, sold as a fundraiser for the organization, will have 90 per cent less trans fatper serving as of Spring 2009.

The issue of trans fats in Girl Guide cookies has been hotly debated. A2007 column calling on the Girl Guides to reformulate their cookies spurred vigorous debate. While some readers said they would continue to buy cookies because the Girl Guides are a worthy organization, others said they were disappointed the group was failing to offer healthier fare.

How does the recent announcement affect you? Are you more likely to buy cookies from the Girl Guides? Or were you unbothered by the trans fat content of their cookies?