Brewing up some savings

by Andree Lau, CBCnews.ca

I spent about $33 on two cans of coffee this weekend. At first, with my legendary sluggish math skills, I was a little uneasy about spending so much. But now I’ve come to realize how much it’s actually saving me.

I used to be nonchalant about throwing down $4 or $5 on a “fancy” coffee from some café or a certain green-logoed chain.

Who needs to order fancy coffee when you can make it at home? (Andree Lau/CBC)

But then my fiancé and I found an Italian stovetop espresso maker for about $15, and discovered we could make great coffee at home for a fraction of the price. And I didn’t even have to change out of my pyjamas to boot.

After experimenting with different coffee brands, we found that the relatively higher-priced Italian Illy had the best flavour. But even by splurging on it, we’re still saving quite a bit by brewing at home, which is especially welcome in these scary economic times.

One can of Illy (about $16 in our local Italian market) will last our household about a month. That’s about 53 cents a day. (Yes, I took a moment to use the desktop calculator.)

I’m not alone in turning my back on coffee spending. Starbucks reported a fourth-quarter drop in profits of 97 per cent earlier this month, blaming fewer customers as well as a drop in spending by those who did drop in.

What foods or drinks have you cut spending on because you can do it better or cheaper at home?