Ripe for debate

by Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

In a joint investigation, the CBC and the Toronto Star today published a report suggesting the Canadian Food Inspection Agency knew three years ago of serious problems in its inspection process.

The 2005 internal report detailed the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's deficiencies, including problems with follow-ups and delays. The report spurred vigorous political debate with Prime Minister Stephen Harper defending his government's actions, amid calls for a full government inquiry.

In the comments section of our news stories, many people weighed in on the issue laying blame where they saw fit. But one commenter, writing under the name Mind Guerrilla, took a different direction and wrote about rising food costs in Canada, urging people "Not to worry. Soon we won't be able to afford food."

The food safety debate has certainly become a point of discussion during the election, but are there other food-related issues you think the candidates still need to debate?

For example, have the parties adequately addressed issues such as swelling food prices, support for farmers or crop conversion to support ethanol? What other issues are on your mind?