Remarkable reading

by Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

About a month ago, a friend and I were exchanging rapid-fire, chatty, one-line e-mails. At the end of one, I pasted a link to a baking blog, thereby bringing the conversation to a sharp stop.

An hour later, a happy e-mail popped up. My friend, without an ounce of hesitation, admitted, "I got completely lost in that blog."

The very best blogs will have that effect, transforming a curious reader into a dedicated follower determined to click through each and every last archived entry.

Here's a roundup of notable food blogs — including the aforementioned baking blog (warning, you may want to turn off the television and unplug the phone before proceeding any further).

Ethnic Eats — Sampling the World’s Cuisine Without Ever Leaving Town
Vancouver-based blogger Degan Beley searches out the best ethnic cuisine served in the city. Beley writes candid reviews for a range of restaurants critiquing fare and service and also instructs on different customs and manners.

Food for Thought
A nod to the competition — Food Network Canada's food blog is written by Catherine Jheon, a former CBCer who produced Metro Morning's Beyond Burgers segment about cheap but delicious eats. The Food Network blog chronicles the lives of celebrity chefs, looks at trends and includes a cooking club challenge.

BARF — Musings from the International Food Safety Network
Calling on food safety experts at Kansas State University, BARF offers sharp commentary on technology, culture and regulatory agencies.

This Georgia-based baker's attention to detail transforms simple cupcakes into an art from. Martha Stewart featured a demo of Bakerella making her signature cupcake pops — teeny, bite-sized cakes on Popsicle sticks — spurring a host of copycats across the U.S.

What food blogs do you read? Are you a Canadian food blogger? Tell us about your blog.