Veggie Pride

by Jessica Wong, CBCNews.ca

Hundreds of vegetarians, vegans and their supporters took to the streets of Manhattan on Sunday to raise awareness of and promote the vegetarian diet.

Dubbed Veggie Pride, the event was based on a similar event that takes place in Paris each May and included a parade of participants marching along in a variety of costumes as well as a faux wedding ceremony in Washington Square Park between a "seven-foot-tall pea pod and an outsize carrot," according to the New York Times.

I've always been a meat-eater — a few of my favourite things to eat include prime rib, Peking duck, BBQ pork buns and raw oysters. Nevertheless, a variety of issues are increasingly causing me some dietary concerns: from trying to find ethical seafood and local, organic meat to general worries about livestock diseases.

While it's difficult for me to imagine a life completely free from meat, I'm making an effort by trying to eat vegetarian more often (environmental guru David Suzuki suggests aiming for one day a week). What helps is the increasing number of great cookbooks and web resources that home cooks can refer to.

Still, with estimates that only about four per cent of Canadians describing themselves as vegetarian, I wonder how soon we'll see a Veggie Pride parade on Canadian soil?