Search launched for Scotland's oldest TV

The Associated Press
A search to find Scotland's oldest working television was announced on Friday.

The countrywide competition was officially launched at BBC Scotland in Glasgow by Iain Logie Baird, whose Argyll-born grandfather John Logie Baird invented the television in the 1920s.

The search is part of a campaign by Digital UK, the company tasked with implementing the switchover to digital television, which is being phased in across Scotland from next month.

The organization said it wanted to highlight the fact that most televisions can be converted to digital.
It also hopes the search will result in the discovery of televisions of historical importance, including sets designed by John Logie Baird.

Baird, who is the curator of television at the National Media Museum in Bradford, said: "It will be fantastic if we can find some examples of Baird-branded televisions and bring them into the digital era.

"It's great to be involved in this exciting step in broadcasting history.

"The switch to digital is the first step towards a revolution in the way we watch TV and opens the door for further developments such as high-definition television, combinations of services with high-speed broadband and mobile phone video broadcasting."

Paul Hughes, Digital UK's national manager in Scotland, said: "We hope that by switching the oldest working telly in Scotland, it will prove to viewers, particularly the elderly, that there is no need to go out and spend large amounts of money on a new set and that older sets can be converted easily for little cost."