The Highly Effective Fly Slaying Machine

One Chinese businessman has converted a lifelong hatred of flies into a million-dollar business, producing the Highly Effective Fly Slaying Machine.

Hu Shulin, nicknamed Fly Man, can catch up to five flies with a single grab at a meat market south of Shanghai.

Vendors at the meat market, where he spent his days, were appreciative, so Hu decided to go high tech in his battle against the bugs.

He designed the Slaying Machine, a slowly revolving circular drum containing sugar and water, which attracts the flies and deposits them in a clear plastic tank.

"It's like a nightclub for flies," he told Sky News. "They just party themselves to death."

Hu's company now produces 100,000 of the machines every year. They are exported to South Korea, and he's looking for markets in Europe.

He keeps the dead bugs in a bag in his office, which now holds over 30,000 flies.