Quebec designers to roll out one-of-a-kind designs made of bathroom tissue

The Canadian Press - Eight of Quebec's leading fashion designers are primed to roll out their latest couture creations this fall -- but there won't be any chiffon or sequins in sight.

The primary fabric for their one-of-a-kind garments will come in the form of bathroom tissue from Cashmere.

Designers including Marie Saint Pierre, Muse par Christian Chenail, Envers, Michel Desjardins, Helmer, Georges Levesque, Montreal couturier Cluc and Bodybag by Jude have signed on to create "BT Couture" for the fourth annual White Cashmere collection.

For the first two years, the collection featured creations crafted out of veritable cashmere fabric by professional designers in Ontario and Quebec.

But last year, design students were challenged to use the everyday household item as their main material to whip up a dazzling new creation.

"We were totally flabbergasted by the talent that we have in our design school system with some of the exciting designs that came out of it, and as a result, we just thought it was a natural extension to get the professionals to work with this medium as well," said John McPherson of Kruger Products, the makers of Cashmere.

Designers submitted sketches and have been given at least 45 square metres of uncut bathroom tissue sheets to craft their garments.

"We provide it in large sheet form and tell them to be creative and give us the designs that reflect their style and their approach to design," McPherson said.

For the first time, style watchers will be able to see the designs live, in person and free of charge.

A fashion show showcasing the debut of the garments is slated to be held at Les Cours Mont-Royal shopping centre in Montreal on Sept. 26.