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Race day brings nerves and excitement

I actually woke up at 6:40 a.m, but I can't sleep in so I figured that this would be a good time to blog.

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4 full days and still OK

The Canadian track and field team (a.k.a. Athletics team) has been in Delhi for four full days now and you know what ... so far so good. Except for maybe the cold showers.

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Monkeying around

On my way to Delhi for the Commonwealth Games, I'm excited to meet up with my Canadian track and field teammates.

And I'm really excited to see these "guardian monkeys" that have been in the news lately.

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The show must go on ... I hope

Even though there has been so much discouraging news about the state of the impending Commonwealth Games there remains one fact. Too many athletes have worked too hard for far too long for these games.

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Are the Delhi Games safe?

Security is always a concern at any major event. I know some critics of this year's Commonwealth Games have harped on the issue of security in their rants about Delhi.

But going to India to compete for Canada is an amazing opportunity. I don't want to miss out on that. We just need to be cautious and smart.

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From Edmonton to Idaho to India

Hello, everybody. I suppose an introduction is in order. My name is Angela Whyte. My game? Track and field. More specifically, I run the 100-metre hurdles.

I have the privilege to be on Canada's 2010 Commonwealth Games team. In case you don't know, the Commonwealth Games will be held in Delhi, India from Oct. 3 through Oct. 14. So I have less than a month to go.

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