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Goodbye Singapore, hello India

Even though it seems like we just arrived in Singapore, it's now time to head over to Delhi. I just finished a packing scramble in my room: why is it that every time I repack, my stuff seems to expand? I expect that I will barely be able to zip up my suitcase by the time I leave India!

The idea of arriving in the Commonwealth Games village makes me feel excited **and** nervous. None of us really know what to expect when we get there.

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Confessions of a chiroptophobic

As a girl who likes to get manicures, doesn't like to get dirty, and is extremely chiroptophobic (that means I'm afraid of bats - really, if there is a bat anywhere near me, I will hit the deck!) I feel like Delhi may be one of my biggest challenges yet. But if I'm able to handle any uncomfortable situations that I may experience next week, it will make me not only a better athlete, but also a better person.

So bring it on, Delhi. I'm ready for some character development!

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Bring on the pain

"Respect your pain, but don't let it govern you."

Those are the wise words of my dad, and I've learned to tell the difference between bad pain and good pain, and to push the limits of enduring the latter.

Every girl in the Commonwealth Games pool will be dealing with some kind of pain. Time to find out who can handle it the best.

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So far, luck's been on my side

It's just over a week to go until the Commonwealth Games swim meet starts, and Delhi is still getting bad press.

In order to combat any negative thoughts that dare to sneak their way into my psyche, I am focusing on everything that, so far, has been going right for me.

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Deep in the heat of Texas

There's nothing like a trip to Texas to get prepared for the Delhi heat.

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Pan Pacs highlight jam-packed summer

With the Commonwealth Games coming up in just over a month, I, for the first time, had no summer vacation. Well, technically that's not true. I took a summer vacation on Monday, Aug. 23rd. Come Tuesday afternoon it was back to the pool at Saanich Commonwealth Place in Victoria, and back to the grind.

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