Commonwealth Games Blogs

Monkeying around

Alright now, blog readers. Let's get right to it. I am at this very moment on a plane flying from Spokane, Wash., to Seattle. It's the first leg of my journey to India. I'll continue from Seattle to Toronto, where I'll meet up with the rest of the Canadian track and field team to make our way to Delhi for the Commonwealth Games. Finally!

It's been a very stressful last two days. I always have some non-track and field related business that I put off until the very last minute before a trip, which stresses me out beyond belief. That translates into no sleep, last-minute packing and a few mental breakdowns (I go and cry in a corner somewhere for a release. Kidding... sort of).

I'm already listing things that I wish I would have brought, like my Tide-To-Go laundry soap packets for my very sophisticated sink washing machine. It's gonna be hot in India, and it only takes 10-degree weather for me to start sweating (Hey, it may be gross, but I'm a real Canadian.  One that can drum up a sweat while walking in minus-30 degree weather).

Anyways, I think I subconsciously wait to the last minute to do everything so my body completely shuts down while traveling. I hate flying and I'm obviously in the wrong business to have such hatred towards it. But I figure I can get a jump on jet lag if I mess up my body clock a couple days before I leave, even if it's just an inadvertent consequence of procrastination.

So, this is my pre-India arrival blog. I'm pretty excited, especially to meet up with my teammates. It's always a good feeling to be around people who do the same thing you do, who have the same mindset as yourself.

Oh, and I'm really excited to see the "guardian monkeys" that have been in the news lately.  Maybe even more than seeing my teammates. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being around my teammates. But, c'mon: monkeys. Monkeys that essentially beat up and take out annoying infestations of smaller monkeys. That's wicked.

I'm very interested in the status of the athletes village. It's going to be my home for about two weeks. I don't see myself leaving for anything other than competition (we've been advised against doing much tourism, but I'm a terrible tourist anyways). I just hope it's comfortable.  Nothing special, just comfortable.

Anyways, I'm pretty exhausted right now and I'm clearly rambling on, so I'll leave you alone.  

Until next time... from Delhi.