Commonwealth Games Blogs

Missed it by that much

Two days down, two more to go.

On Sunday, I competed in the one-metre event and I went into the finals in 10th position as the morning was not so good for me. It is very cold in this pool and it really affected me during that competion. In the finals, I was 10th again, but I was much better than in the morning. The event was very difficult with some really good divers in the event. This is not an event I was training a lot on as I have been focusing on three metre and 10 metre, but I felt as though I did a pretty good job with it. Alexandre Despatie of Laval, Que., was first with Mathew Mitchem and Scott Robertson of Australia second and third.

Although I did not do so well in the one metre, I knew I had many events left and wanted to use this day for learning and to change my approach for the second day, which was three metre.

Again it was early morning prelims, but I brought extra clothes and made sure I was moving around a lot to stay warm and ready. This helped alot as I finished prelims in fifth place with a score of 415 points - a very good score for prelims. I went back to the village to relax and get some food so I could be ready for the finals in the evening.

Before the three-metre finals, I wanted to go into the practice and not hold back. My dives went very well and I knew I was ready. I finished the finals in fourth place with a score of 437. It was a very tough meet and very close between divers. It all came down to the last dive. I received enough marks to move into the fourth position ahead of England's Nick Robinson-Baker. Unfortunately, I was edged out by Australia's Grant Nel for the bronze. Despatie and Reuben Ross of Regina were first and second. It would have been really cool for Canada to sweep all three medals.

Fourth place is kind of bitter sweet in a lot of ways. As an athlete, it sucks because you were just out of the medals, but it's also good because you were that close. In any case, it was a bit disappointing because I was so close. Also, if fourth wasn't bad already, I was one of the lucky athletes chosen for drug testing. First place to fourth place were tested.

I was very happy with my result today on the three metre and think I did a great job coming into the finals being more sharp and powerful. I hope to go into my next couple days feeling like that.

Now that the second day is finished, I feel very happy, but controlled. I need to keep emotions and distractions to a minimum as my job is not finished yet. I have the 10-metre synchro on Tuesday with Kevin Geyson, and the 10-metre on Wednesday.