Commonwealth Games Blogs

I'm finally here!

So I arrived in New Delhi on Wednesday night and have been here for a couple of days now.  Even though we didn't have very far to go (we were in Qatar), it was a long day of travelling because of the layovers and trip into the village.  Things went very smooth getting into the village and I got a good night sleep.

On Thursday, we only had one practice at night because it takes a bit for your checked bags to get into the village due to security reasons.  We got our bags in the morning and went to the fitness area to stretch a bit and do some cardio work so we get our bodies moving around. I'm so glad I did because that night I had a 10-metre practice.  

New injury trouble

Usually when you go on competitions or travel anywhere you don't start the first practice on 10-metre because it takes a day or so to get your awareness and sense of the pool.  This is because one mistake on 10-metre could cause some pain. In any case I had to do it because we have very little time until the competitions. 

My list actually went very well and I felt comfortable at this pool.  I did my synchro list with Kevin (Geyson) and it was very good as well.  We are getting better everyday, but we still have a couple things to work on.  The trouble is that when you're doing synchro, it takes time and many practices together to really get in "sync."  We are trying to do this in a matter of weeks, so no matter how this meet goes I think our future is going to be really good and something that will progress.  

On one of my dives I pulled my tricep, so I have been getting treatments many times a day to keep it at calm. It's very hard to dive with it and that, combined with my wrist, is very frustrating.  But in any case, I'm going to go out there and dive the best I can with no regrets and no worries.  

Village is pretty nice

So now that I'm here in the village and see it for myself, it makes me wonder what everyone was talking about.  I think the worst part is that you heard so many things and some weren't even true.  The village is pretty good.  The food is amazing and security is too. 

When travelling to and from the venues, we have our own lane and own military escorts.  I know India was behind with the process a couple weeks ago, but I would say that the rooms are pretty good.  It's comfortable for sure with a little fix-ups to do later.  I'm sure some athletes who arrived earlier may have a different opinion, but for me, I'm pretty happy.    

Canada is doing very well with medals so far, but I know we can pick it up.  Congrats to all our medal winners so far, and best of luck for the rest of us athletes still to compete.