Commonwealth Games Blogs

Goodbye Singapore, hello India

Even though it seems like we just arrived in Singapore, it's now time to head over to Delhi. I just finished a packing scramble in my room: why is it that every time I repack, my stuff seems to expand? I expect that I will barely be able to zip up my suitcase by the time I leave India!

The idea of arriving in the Commonwealth Games village makes me feel excited **and** nervous. None of us really know what to expect when we get there.

This will be my second multi-sport games, my first being the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. For me, the best part of a multisport event is getting to meet all the other Canadian athletes that will be in the village with us. However, walking around and seeing all the athletes from the different sports and different countries can be overwhelming and, not to mention, distracting.

There will be an orchestra of different languages everywhere we go. This makes it difficult to stay relaxed and continue to remind yourself that, even though it is a different atmosphere, it is still just a swim meet. I know that, when I take the pressure off myself, and I am relaxed before a race, I always swim my best. So when I get to the village, it will be time to turn on my blinders and pretend that this meet is no bigger than Ontario Provincials or a college duel meet.

London calling

Although I'll excited to get to Delhi and start racing, I'll be sad to say goodbye to Singapore. Last night we had our team dinner at Carnivore, a Brazilian restaurant that specializes in  - as the name hints - lots of meat. Servers arrive at your table with giant skewers and even bigger knives, and slice all sorts of different fire-cooked meats onto your plate. The food was amazing, and I even ate a chicken heart. I tried one when we went to Carnivore before the Olympics, and although I didn't really love the taste, I figured I should try another one for old time's sake. I mean, how often are you offered fire-roasted chicken heart at a restaurant in North America?  

After we left Carnivore, we met with members of the Canadian High Commission at a beautiful hotel in Singapore - the Marina Bay Sands. We got to go up to the 56th floor to the Skypark, where we could look out over the whole city at night. It was beautiful, but I am a little uneasy with heights, so I made sure I stayed quite far from the edge! The roof also had an infinity pool, which, although we could not go for a swim in it, was really cool to look at. Imagine swimming to the edge of a pool at 56 stories high! It was pretty impressive, but not somewhere I would want to do a hard practice, that's for sure.

So now it's time to get ready for my last practice at the Singapore Sports School, and then we will head to the airport. Unfortunately, because of Commonwealth Games regulations, I am unable to continue this blog once I am in the village. But I would like to thank everyone who has been following my journey since the Pan Pacific championships and will be supporting me, and all the other Canadian athletes during our adventure in Delhi.

Stay tuned - the adventure definitely doesn't stop here! London is a lot closer than we think.