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Breaking camp in Qatar

After arriving here in Doha, Qatar on the 29th of September, we're winding down our training camp where we could take a week to train and get more accustomed to the time zone in India. This week has been a really good week for training and preparation for our competition.

Training trips like this are very important because it allows us athletes to be best prepared at the competition. If we were to just arrive in Delhi, we'd be very tired in the middle of the day and have more trouble competing. Many teams take these training camps and I find it really helps with the time change.

We've been training twice a day since we got here with Sunday an off day for rest. Everyday, I've been training a different board as I'm competing in four events and it's much more difficult to juggle yourself in practice. Kevin Geyson and I have gotten a lot more practice in and everything is looking good.

The facilities here have been amazing, from the hotel to the pool; it really has been an enjoyable time. I find that training camps are a good time because it is more relaxed than a competition, however training with the rest of the Commonwealth Games team the level of diving is still quite high. Once the competition starts in Delhi, people will be much more serious and ready to do what they need to do.

Now that we're finishing this camp I am getting really excited to get to Delhi, I'm ready physically, and mentally for the upcoming competition.  I'm also excited to be around the rest of the Canadian commonwealth team.  We have heard many new things about the village now that it has opened, and most of it is good, like I said in my last blog I think its going to be a great games.

The biggest thing I'm worried about is the mosquitoes. I think this is the biggest threat as contracting dengue fever or malaria would not be high on my list of things to do in India. I brought lots of bug spray, so I'm sure I'll be fine.

Besides training in Qatar we had a chance to ride some camels, and take a ride to the sand dunes. It was so much fun, it was a nice day to just relax and not worry about diving. A big part of training is actually not training. Obviously, too much rest isn't good but overtraining is not either and that day was a nice one. It was also very hot here, not many people came out during the day and I guess it gets above 60 degrees Celsius in the summer. I guess being in this heat will prepare us for India as it is very hot there too... too hot for this Canadian.

I wish the best of luck to all our athletes.