Commonwealth Games Blogs

4 full days and still OK

Hello from India.  The Canadian track and field team (a.k.a. Athletics team) has been in Delhi for four full days now and you know what ... so far so good. 

The travel to Delhi was brutal.  My legs felt and looked like tree trunks on arrival (forgot compression socks ... nerdy, but a necessity).  I'm still struggling with my sleep cycle but doing the best I can to not nap. 

Good, not great

I'm sure you all want my exclusive description and opinion on the athletes' village (no? Well I'm going to give it anyways).  The village is actually not that bad at all.  The food is pretty good.  They have an amazing set-up in the village for training.  With a comfortable five-minute walk from our residence we have access to and Olympic-sized pool, full 400-metre track, a weight room, a power lifting room and a wrestling room.  I've been hanging out at the wrestling room waiting to see if anyone wants to battle me.  Not a good idea since the only wrestling knowledge I have comes from old school WWF (Hulk Hogan, Bret "Hitman" Hart type of stuff).

The only thing that I may make a comment on is the actual living quarters themselves.  The general consensus here is "it could have been really nice."  I can't tell you how many athletes I've heard make that very statement.  The thing is, there isn't anything that makes the residences uninhabitable.  There is just a series of issues that are inconveniences.  Leaky pipes, malfunctioning water heaters and air conditioners and the like are the only issues that I've noticed. 

Cold showers, top-notch security

My roommate and I have been taking cold showers, which isn't too bad since it is so hot and humid here. Well, let me be honest.  My roommate Kelsie Hendry (awesome pole vaulter) has been the shower tester.  If she tells me it's cold, I'll find myself a warm shower in someone else's room.  Yes, I am a baby.  So, really, if time was spent effectively, the residences would have been extremely nice.  But you can tell that things were last minute.

What else is interesting here?  Well, security is EVERYWHERE.  It makes me feel safe and a little nervous at the same time.  Only because they have dogs sniffing for things and men with metal detectors.  I'm sure it's only a precaution, but it's weird because you don't see things like that everyday.  I feel that the Delhi Commonwealth Games organizers have spared no expense in terms of security.  And if that means that Kelsie has to take a few cold showers ... well, then by golly, she will take some cold showers (joking everyone!).

Oh, and I'm sure everyone will be happy to know that I have yet to see a snake.  YES! (But I'm not out of the woods yet).  I have seen some funky oversized insects (they creeped me out a little, but I was intrigued at the same time).  And most importantly, probably one of the most exciting things ever - I saw a "guardian" monkey.  He or she was about 10-feet tall (sitting down) with a tail even longer than that.  OK, not that big, but seriously the monkey was as big as a five-year-old child and its tail was probably two or so metres long. 

He or she had some major fangs, too.  The poor thing was surrounded by a large group of nosy Canadians (the track team) taking pictures.  Some were getting too close.  And I believe the monkey's handler wasn't too keen with all that attention either.  I think the monkey had enough of our paparazzi extravaganza and lunged at someone.  Hey, I don't blame the monkey.  I would too.

OK ... too much. I'll have another instalment before I race.

Until then ...