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When a bronze is not a bronze

So I am finished with my competition. On Tuesday, I competed in the men's 10-metre synchro with Kevin Geyson. We really wanted a medal in this event and we placed third. For our first competition, we did very well. We have lots of room for improvement, which makes things interesting to see how far we can go.

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Apologies and farewell from Delhi

Delhi, India - OK, so I have to make an apology. As my family well knows, I don't always admit when I'm wrong, but I think it's unavoidable in this case.

I started this blog by writing:

 "I don't generally associate India with raging athletic prowess. Besides the country's cricket team, a handful of wrestlers and a couple wealthy shooters (with their own private shooting ranges), India rarely makes an impact on the international level."

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Down and dirty: Mud wrestling in India

My muddy adventure started in Amritsar, in the province of Punjab and one of the hotspots for wrestlers in India.

I soon learned that the game actually has no rules or time limit. It's just one on one, heaving, grunting and grabbing until one wrestler ends up literally in the mud. In the olden days, wrestlers could even fight until death.

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My last match for Canada

I won't lie, when I woke up two days ago on the morning of what could be my last match I felt the emotions creeping in.

"Not now. Not yet." I told myself. There was still work to be done; I still had to fight for the win and the chance to reach the medal rounds over world No. 3 and local superstar Saina Nehwal.

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'Friendly' rivalry during India/Pakistan match

In the floodlights of central Delhi's Dhyan Chand National Stadium on Sunday, the air was thick with nationalism (and grasshoppers).


Among the crowd were little old ladies with their faces painted and young boys zipping around with orange, white and green Indian flags.

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Missed it by that much

Fourth place is kind of bitter sweet in alot of ways. As an athlete, it sucks a lot because you were just out of the medals. But it's also good because you were that close.

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Happy with the bronze, but what if...

That's it. It's over.

I'm writing now from the airport in Delhi, on my way home already. This is the first moment in six hours that I've had a chance to reflect since my race and actually look at my bronze medal from the men's 1500-metre wheelchair race.

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Comparing Games

The individual badminton tournament is now well underway and Canadians are doing great so far. 

As my roomie Grace Gao tried to get her mind off the competition for a short while, she asked me how the Commonwealth Games compare to the Olympics. 

Over the course of our conversation I came up with five differences that I've noticed, based on my experiences at the Athens and Beijing Olympics, and the Melbourne and Delhi Commonwealth Games.

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Race day brings nerves and excitement

I actually woke up at 6:40 a.m, but I can't sleep in so I figured that this would be a good time to blog.

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Pole dancing, Indian style

I was in Mumbai's Shivaji Park for a game of kho kho (Indian tag) when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a strange multi-limbed goddess beckoning me forward.

"That's mallakhamb," a passerby told me, noticing my hypnotic fixation on the horizon. I had never heard the word. "Indian traditional pole gymnastics," he explained.

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I'm finally here!

So I arrived in New Delhi on Wednesday night and have been here for a couple of days now. 

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Soft Delhi track raises challenges

Despite some recent obstacles, I feel ready for my 1500-metre race in Delhi.

The only wild card is the track surface. I think everyone was expecting it to be fast, but it's actually one of the softest and slowest tracks I have ever been on.

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Do or die in Delhi

It was do or die in Delhi for our Canadian badminton team on Thursday and, unfortunately, the home team proved too strong for us.

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4 full days and still OK

The Canadian track and field team (a.k.a. Athletics team) has been in Delhi for four full days now and you know what ... so far so good. Except for maybe the cold showers.

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An emotional farewell

Yesterday, I had the honour of watching Canada's best female squash player wear the red and white for the very last time. Alana Miller of Winnipeg bowed out of the women's singles squash event after a tough defeat to England's top player.

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Breaking camp in Qatar

After arriving here in Doha, Qatar on the 29th of September, we're winding down our training camp where we could take a week to train and get more accustomed to the time zone in India.

This week has been a really good week for training and preparation for our competition.

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A tale of change through sport

India is a sensory overload that hits you as soon as you arrive. There is the clash of traffic and the spicy foods, the brightly-coloured saris and the beguiling music.

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I'm definitely in Delhi

DELHI, INDIA - I jumped into the back of a rickshaw.

The driver, named Raj, turned back towards me with a smile "Welcome to Delhi, this is great city."

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At last, we arrive

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are now making our final approach into Delhi..."

I never thought those words would sound so sweet, but after more than 35 hours of travel they absolutely did. There were about 30 Canadian athletes, coaches and journalists on board representing the sports of badminton, squash, athletics, cycling, shooting and weightlifting.

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Goodbye Singapore, hello India

Even though it seems like we just arrived in Singapore, it's now time to head over to Delhi. I just finished a packing scramble in my room: why is it that every time I repack, my stuff seems to expand? I expect that I will barely be able to zip up my suitcase by the time I leave India!

The idea of arriving in the Commonwealth Games village makes me feel excited **and** nervous. None of us really know what to expect when we get there.

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(Mis)adventures in Berlin

The power of attraction is something I strongly believe in. If you focus on something enough, it will come to you - whether it's a positive or a negative thing.

Unfortunately, my recent trip to Germany for the Berlin Marathon was full of little disasters.

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Monkeying around

On my way to Delhi for the Commonwealth Games, I'm excited to meet up with my Canadian track and field teammates.

And I'm really excited to see these "guardian monkeys" that have been in the news lately.

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Digging into India's religious controversies (and sport)

LOTHAL, GUJARAT - The Commonwealth Games disappeared from the headlines yesterday to make way for a ruling in one of India's longest and most impassioned legal, political, historical and socio-religious debates.

In short, Hindus and Muslims have been fighting in India for hundreds of years. And the Indian city of Ayodhya, northeast of the capital Delhi, has come to embody this ongoing conflict.

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