Commonwealth Games Blogs

So far, luck's been on my side

It's just over a week to go until the Commonwealth Games swim meet starts, and Delhi is still getting bad press.

In order to combat any negative thoughts that dare to sneak their way into my psyche, I am focusing on everything that, so far, has been going right for me.

On Thursday, Sept. 23, we left Victoria for our staging camp in Singapore. Usually, I have incredibly bad luck with flying. Pretty much every crummy thing that can happen to you when you fly (other than the plane crashing, of course) has happened to me.

Flight fortune

My bad luck has become a family joke. My bags get lost. My flights get cancelled. My plane gets downsized and I lose my seat on the plane (this once happened the night before nationals). So, I usually expect not one but several bumps when I am embarking on a flight across the world.

However, this time around, everything went smoothly. All of our flights left on time, both my bags made it to Singapore, and I actually slept on the plane! Normally I will sleep two-to-three hours max. But I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up after a nine-hour sleep. Not only did this make the flight go by faster, but also made adjusting to the time change much easier. 

We are staging our camp at the Singapore Sports School, a boarding school for the young, future Olympians of this country. I love it here: we trained here before the Olympics in Beijing and it was definitely an ideal spot to prepare.

Everything we need is in this school. We sleep, eat, and swim in one building. There are two pools side by side, one is set up long-course, the other short-course. Usually we swim in the long-course pool, but a short-course pool is optimal for practicing turns. I will head over there once a day to do some work on my IM turns.  There's also a fully equipped weight room where we can do our dry-land workouts.

Training, coffee and downtime 

Basically, you never have to leave the school for anything, unless you're like me and have the uncontrollable desire to go to Starbucks. I even roped a few other swimmers into making the trek for lattes this afternoon (coffee is a must, since napping isn't a very good idea when you are trying to get over jet lag!).  

Since everything we need to prepare for the Games is centrally located in this school, there are virtually no distractions, which is conducive for performance at the meet. It can, however, get a little bit boring after a while.

The last time I was here, I burned through the Twilight series faster than a 13-year old girl. This time, I made sure that I brought a good supply of DVDs to keep myself occupied. I currently am working through Season 2 of Animal Planet's River Monsters, a birthday present from my older sister Jane. Thanks to her, I'm able to keep myself occupied between practices while conserving my energy.

I'm rooming with my two teammates from the Victoria Academy of Swimming, Alexa Komarnycky and Mackenzie Downing. It makes the stay even more comfortable having my friends from Victoria in the room with me. Alexa makes sure we have a constant stream of music playing from her laptop so that, even on the other side of the world, we have a little bit of home here with us. All that's left to do is keep focused, rest well, stay hydrated ... and get ready to swim fast!