Commonwealth Games Blogs

Just dive and bear it

Injuries to athletes are like the plague. No one wants to hear the news that they can't compete because of some injury. 

In reality, injuries affect athletes in sport every day. 

I have an injury to my wrist right now - it's called tenosynovitis. I thought it was a ganglion cyst, but when I went to a surgeon, he said it wasn't.  This injury affects me every time I train because in diving, we land on our wrists every dive.  There is a very big liquid-filled sac around my tendon sheath in my wrist, which makes it very painful when my wrist is pushed back or has any weight applied to it.  I've been dealing with this injury since January, but because of the busy competition schedule in spring and summer, I haven't been able to address it yet. 

I'm getting my surgery a week after I come back from Commonwealth Games. This should give me enough time to rest and be back ready to go for the competition season.  It's a very important season as it's the build up season for the Olympic year. 

Although this is very painful to dive, it could be worse.  I'm not risking any permanent damage by diving. It's just going to hurt a lot! Many athletes have injuries like broken bones and ruptured tendons and very painful injuries.

Missing teammates  

When our team was selected, I was supposed to do 10-metre synchro with Riley McCormick, but because of a back injury he has pulled out of the Games completely. That is never a choice an athlete wants to make.  He's missing one of the biggest events we have, however, sometimes it's better to miss one to be more prepared for the next so I understand and wish him a healthy recovery. 

With Riley's withdrawal I'm now doing synchro 10-metre with Kevin Geyson, Kevin is from Winnipeg and he's come up to Edmonton these past few weekends to train with me. These couple sessions have been really good and I am really excited to see how well we can do. We did some synchro together back in 2005 in Turkey at the University Games. 

Another athlete on the diving team who has withdrawn from the Games is Meaghan Benfeito. She has a shoulder injury and won't be able to make the trip either. So Canada's Commonwealth Games diving team has had their share of injuries, just as I am sure many other teams have. 

I think the problem about injuries is you can't predict them - you can only deal with them as they come.  This makes it hard to plan training routines as adjustments are always being made depending on the day.

Today I'm very excited as we're leaving for Qatar to do some training before going into India. I'm looking forward to getting some more training done with the team and doing some last-minute detail work with my diving and for Kevin and my synchro.  I always like these training camps because I get to train with the Canadian team who I don't normally train with and also I have the opportunity to get out of Edmonton and see some different cultures. 

These past few weeks, the news about the Commonwealth Games has been about the state of the village and venues, and although it was not looking good, the Indian government has done a great job to catch up and get it to where it needs to be. I think these Games are going to be a success and everyone will be thanking India. 

India isn't alone. A lot of places have their problems and rocky starts before a big competition such as this.  I'm looking forward to being there and I'm ready to do what I have been trained to do. All the other stuff is just insignificant.