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Multiple Cultural Citizen

Leonie Sandercock is a Professor of Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia. She helped kick off the World Urban Forum with a lecture on multiculturalism in cities (which will air on Ideas). CBC's Shelly Sorochuk sat down for a chat and asked Sandercock to say a bit about herself. Multiple Cultural Citizen (Runs: 9:58)

FACT: The United Nations estimates that more than 1 billion people live in the world’s slums. That’s 1 in 6 people. That number may increase to 2 billion over the next 30 years if no action is taken.

Street Critique

From The Currentarrow this June, some big thinking from some of Canada's finest architects as they give walking tours of their hometowns. They tell us how their cities feel and flow and how design has a major effect on all our lives.

Toronto’s Brigitte Shim drops by a green oasis, the Brickworks wetlands rehabilitation project in the Don Valley, with Jeff Goodes.SpeakerStreet Critique - Brigitte Shim (Runs: 9:31)

Bruce Kuwabara lives in Toronto. While he’s been declared Canada's architect of the year, his hometown, Hamilton, remains much maligned. Jeff Goodes joins him there.SpeakerStreet Critique - Bruce Kuwabara (Runs: 8:54)

From Vancouver, Raymond Moriyama takes JJ Lee on a taxi to Japantown. Moriyama spent his childhood there until the Canadian government forced him into an internment camp during the Second World War. SpeakerStreet Critique - Raymond Moriyama (Runs: 11:17)

photoSouth Africa Whites

Originally aired on The National in May of 2006, Don Murray takes us back to post apartheid South Africa to show us the new face of white poverty living along with the continuing misery of blacks in slums like Soweto. Speaker South Africa Whites (Runs: 3:46)

photoLost Colonies

Canada is one of the most urbanized nations on earth, our cities drive our economy, it’s where the majority of us live, but there are problems. The formal liberal government thought it had come up with solutions: a New Deal for Cities.  In January of 2004, Brian Stewart took an in-depth look at the crisis in this Nation and the promises of the then new Canadian Government.
Speaker Lost Colonies Part One (Runs: 16:40)
Speaker Lost Colonies Part Two (Runs: 5:38)

photoJane Jacobs

In 1997, Hana Gartner sat down with urban planner Jane Jacobs to talk about her career, her life and her passion. Here is that interview. Speaker Jane Jacobs (Runs: 14:13)

MumbaiSlums of Mumbai

A hot real estate market has forced millions of Mumbai’s squatters to move out of the way of development. For The Currentarrow, Avril Benoît takes a tour of Mumbai's shanties where the greatest threat is eviction. SpeakerSlums of Mumbai (Runs: 22:01) 2006

FACT: By 2030, Asia and Africa will both have higher numbers of city dwellers than any other major area of the world. 

Buenos AiresA City Without Garbage

The Current’sarrow Anna Maria Tremonti delves into the world of the cartoneros, the once outlawed garbage pickers of Buenos Aires. Now they are part of the city’s "zero garbage" campaign. SpeakerA city without garbage (Runs:  8:56) 2006

High School Confidentials

CBC Radio assembled a team of high school-age reporters (Rookie Reporters) to cover the World Urban Forum from their perspective.

Rookie Reporter Madeleine Campbell caught up with dancer Diego Maranan who performed with SpeakerEarth = Home at the World Urban Festival. (Runs: 10:22)

Rookie Reporter Emmy Chahal sat down with Charmaine Mpofv of Eager Artists from South Africa to talk about Charmaine's passion for singing and dancing. SpeakerCharmaine Mpofv (Runs: 3:55)

Suburban Isolation=Gangs

South Asians in Surrey are falling prey to gang violence and gang recruitment. Vancouver's Early Editionarrow finds out how insularity may be a cause. It's part of the Early Edition's June series on the fastest growing city in B.C. SpeakerSuburban Isolation = Gangs (Runs: 4:46)

nolli map photo3

Risky Business

Imagine a society, a city, that has become risk adverse. What impact would it have on economic development and the arts? Alison Broddle of The Currentarrow travels from Vancouver to Singapore in her documentary on the importance of taking risks. SpeakerRisky Business (Runs: 21:19)

Picture our World

If you've ever wondered what children at opposite ends of the continent can learn from each other you can find that answer in some photographs. 'Picture our World' involves several dozen elementary school students in Vancouver and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The idea is to get the children to take pictures of their world their friends, families, neighborhoods, pets and then share them with each other. The kids are nine and ten years old. Many of them have never had a camera in their hands before. Listen to National Arts Reporter, SpeakerPaul Grant's story.
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photoJane Jacobs

On April 25th, 2006 Jane Jacobs passed away in her home town of Toronto. An urban planner and writer, Jane Jacobs was a pioneer in her field. Here is a look back on her long and productive career. Speaker Jane Jacobs (Runs: 2:26)

Building a Concrete Future

An excerpt featuring Moshe Safdie, as he takes CBC on a tour of his concrete housing prototype for Expo 67.
SpeakerBuilding a Concrete Future (Runs: 9:30) 1966

FACT: By 2010, the top five most populated cities in the world will be: Tokyo 26.4 million | Mumbai 23.6 million | Lagos 20.2 million | Sao Paulo 19.7 million | Mexico City 18.7 million

Back Alley Architecture of Toronto

Intern architect Donald Chong discusses the growing number of laneway homes with Here and Now'sarrow host, Matt Galloway. SpeakerBack Alley Architecture of Toronto (Runs: 5:59) 2006

Going Beyond the Ghetto

CBC's interview with Dr. Owen Newman, a planner with the U.S. Housing and Urban Development agency, who attended the first UN conference on settlement in Vancouver. Newman's topic: the failure of U.S. housing projects.
Going Beyond the Ghetto ( Runs: 10:48) 1976

nolli map photo3
nolli map photo2

Urban Visionary Remembered: Jane Jacobs

Eleanor Wachtel, host of Writers & Companyarrow visits Jane Jacobs, author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities. SpeakerUrban Visionary Remembered (Runs: 54:17) 2002

FACT: By 2015, it is expected that there will be 23 cities with a population over 10 million.

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