current stories: aired during the World Urban Forum

BrasiliaCBC shows a side of Dubai that hardly anybody sees that is connected to it's spectacular rate of growth. SpeakerDubai (Runs: 5:27)

The Current
Maximum Cities: New York, Paris, London shove over as an interview with author Rana Dasgupta makes the point developing-world megacities like Delhi are eclipsing the big cities of the developed world in vitality and risk-taking. SpeakerMaximum Cities (Runs: 24:41)

Living Room - How Much Do We Need?
The Current'sarrow Anna Maria Tremonti and BC Almanac'sarrow Mark Forsythe look at the good and bad of high-density living. SpeakerLiving Room (Runs: 57:00)

The Current
Sky's The Limit
Philosopher Mark Kingwell and architecture critic Lise Rochon make an ascent on the topic of skyscrapers - which are increasingly becoming symbols of booming Asian economies.
SpeakerSky's The Limit (Runs: 24:05)


The Current
Mayoral Challenge: The mayors of Vancouver, the Hague, and Cape Town join Anna Maria Tremonti in a round-table talk about mayoral challenges: traffic, garbage, taxation, pollution, natural and human disasters. SpeakerMayoral Challenge (19:14)

FACT: The United Nations estimates that more than 1 billion people live in the world’s slums. That’s 1 in 6 people. That number may increase to 2 billion over the next 30 years if no action is taken.

The Early Edition
The School of WUF: CBC Reporter Lesley Pritchard story on poor, urban women from around the world who have come together to learn the networking skills they need to work their way through the conference floor at the World Urban Forum. SpeakerThe School of WUF (Runs: 5:13)

The Early Edition
All Sewn Up: CBC's Lesley Pritchard presents a story on how a local company, contracted to create the official World Urban Forum tote bag, is changing the lives of poor men and women once thought unemployable. All Sewn Up (Runs: 4:40)

FACT: By 2030, Asia and Africa will both have higher numbers of city dwellers than any other major area of the world. 

BrasiliaWashington used to have the highest number of murders per capita but today it is a city that is blossoming. Speaker Washington (Runs: 5:28)

BrasiliaOscar Neimeyer
Eric Rankin reports on how architect Oscar Neimeyer's city didn't go exactly as planned. Speaker Brasilia (Runs: 5:26)

moscowMoscow has come a long way since the time of communism. We look at how people view their future while others remember the past. SpeakerMoscow (Runs: 4:47)

FACT: By 2010, the top five most populated cities in the world will be: Tokyo 26.4 million | Mumbai 23.6 million | Lagos 20.2 million | Sao Paulo 19.7 million | Mexico City 18.7 million

Habitat House
habitatSee what Habitat for Humanity is doing. Speaker Habitat House (Runs: 3:00)

Nairobi Kids
nairobiUN has given a group of kids in
Nairobi cameras. The idea is for them to take pictures of their lives in the slums.SpeakerNairobi Kids (Runs: 2:02)

nolli map photo3

beijingPatrick Brown looks at how construction is changing the face of Beijing. SpeakerBeijing (Runs: 6:06)

Vancouver Model
modelBob Nixon talks to some of the proponents and critics of what some people call Vancouverism.
SpeakerVancouver Model (Runs: 4:39)

Sounds Like Canada
Sonic Youth
: Canadian Kevina Power and her Kenyan partner Njoroge Wanjohi argue music can be one of the forces of change in cities and governments. SpeakerSonic Youth (Runs: 10:17)

Sounds Like Canada
Urbanites Rights: On Wednesday, the director general of UNESCO will host a session looking at how Montreal has enshrined the rights of its citizens and Jian Ghomeshi speaks with one of the people behind Montreal's Citizens Charter, Dimitri Roussopoulos. SpeakerUrbanites Rights (Runs: 16:56)

nolli map photo2

FACT: By 2015, it is expected that there will be 23 cities with a population over 10 million.

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